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Where do you deliver?

  • We deliver EZ Cabins in Canterbury

What size are the cabins?

  • Trailer Cabins size is 2.4 x 4m

  • Stationary Cabins size is 6 x 3m

What can you fit in a cabin?

  • Cabins can fit a queen bed with room each side for a bedside table, see the photos for examples, there is room also for a duchess, a chair / desk or wardrobe

How high is the cabin?

  • Trailer Cabin 4m at the highest point

  • Stationary Cabin is 3.2m at the highest point

How big does access need to be for delivery?

  • Access width needs to be to be about 2.8 m if in doubt we can come and measure your site

How is power connected?

  • Power is connected by a caravan type lead into a normal 3 pin socket

What does delivery involve?

  • We deliver and level the cabin, install the deck and reverse the tow hitch If needed, the wheels stay in place.

  • the process for the larger Stationary Cabins is assessed on a case by case basis

What do I do when I'm finished with my EZ Cabin Rental? 

  • Contact us in writing and we can pick up with just 2 weeks notice

Is there a collection fee?

  • No

Do I get my bond back?

  • Yes, once the inspection for pickup is complete and the return condition is satisfactory

When can you deliver one to me?

  • Contact us for a date and availability

How do I order a cabin?

  • Phone or text 021 521 651

Will I need building consent? 

  • No building consent required as the cabin is a trailer and not permanent

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